WordPress Plugin: Active Directory Group Lookup


It’s been a while ;) Anyway, I’ve made a small “WordPress Active Directory group lookup plugin”, (a mouthful :) ) that I’d like to share with you.. If you have mod_auth_kerb enabled on you Apache server, and are joined to

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Managing ACL’s all over the place

I’m sure some of you have set access lists on several directories on a server, thats a reasonable straightforward task right? Well what about setting ACL’s through an entire production environment? When your list grows it gets more and more

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ZHLUG Goes mobile!

As of a few day’s ago, I’ve added the WPtouch plugin. This way we’re also mobile. A quote from WordPress.org: WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects, when viewed

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RHEL5u6 upgrade to RHEL5u7 /var space issues

Last week we began upgrading our RHEL5u6 OTA (development, testing and staging) environment to RHEL5u7. After the mandatory reboots we started noticing that the /var partition on hundreds of nodes had exceeded their disk space threshold. It is not uncommon

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/etc/init.d/svnserve missing on RHEL6

It seems somebody forgot to add /etc/init.d/svnserve to the RHEL6 subversion RPM: $ rpm -q redhat-release-server redhat-release-server-6Server- $ rpm -q subversion subversion-1.6.11-2.el6_0.3.x86_64 $ ls -la /etc/init.d/svnserve ls: cannot access /etc/init.d/svnserve: No such file or directory After browsing through the RHEL5

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SELinux talk with Dan Walsh

Yesterday I’ve been to a Red Hat technical session in Maarsen (NL) with Dan Walsh (mr. SELinux himself) as key-speaker. He talked about issues like hypervisor vulnerabilities, and some new SELinux stuff that’s coming out in RHEL6. One of the

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